Imagine an Adaptable Infrastructure Design with Automation to Help Protect and Restore Your Business Apps & Data!


Ostrich Technologies is about providing a custom tailored solution for your business -- your unique business needs. Every business from enterprise to small businesses gets the same top-tier Professional IT Services and that's what we do.
Ostrich Technologies focuses on Azure and Office 365 technologies. Our goal is to provide equal access to Design and Migration Services for Azure and Office 365, Infrastructure Design, Automation, Backup, Disaster Recovery Design and Testing, and Professional IT Services.

Infrastructure Design

Azure & Hybrid Infrastructure design expertise to help build a solution for your needs.

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Proof of Concept

Use a POC trial to work out implementation details. User acceptance testing is critical.

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Put the proven design into production using automation and process.

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DR Planning

Design, plan and test your backup and disaster recovery systems.

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Local datacenter with localized servers in branch offices

On-Prem and Local Datacenter

Design, POC, Implementation, DR Planning

Hybrid datacenter model with branch office servers, local datacenter, and Azure supporting role and DR strategy

Hybrid Datacenter

Design, DR, Implementation

Azure datacenter with primary services located in the cloud datacenter

Azure Datacenter

Design, Automation, DR

Full cloud model with only localized DHCP and print services - all other services are cloud based and accessed via either VPN or VDI solutions

Cloud Infrastructure

DR Planning, Restore Testing & Validation

Azure datacenter model with hybrid of local datacenter or local office data but all managed via Azure as the primary services location

Azure Hybrid Infrastructure

Business Resilience, Automation, DR

Disaster recovery planning using Azure Backup, Veeam, and Windows Server backups; coupled with Azure Site Recovery services and a strong VPN connection to Azure.  DR tested and executed regularly to ensure funcationality and ability to failover to Azure for services.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Meaningful & Regular Restore Testing

Experience a Business Requirements focused approach to Building Resilience and Reliability into Your IT Infrastructure!

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